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Aerocom III Pilot Manual

This is the official Pilot\'s Guide for the Aerocom III Portable Stereo Intercom from PS Engineering. It covers the function of each control and some of the more common procedures.

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Airborne Radar Training

Airborne Radar Training is the only online course teaching the use of airborne weather radar and thunderstorm safety. Airborne Radar Training is an online course, teaching the use of airborne weather radar. But, it goes beyond use of airborne radar, teaching thunderstorm theory, hazards of thunderstorms, airborne radar theory, and airborne radar techniques. A Final Exam concludes the course, enabling the user to test their knowledge. Airborne Radar Training is available to both PC and Mac users. Why Airborne Radar Training? Most seasoned professional pilots will admit that there has always been a lack of adequate weather radar training. The mantra has always been, "fly the airplane, and figure it out as you go." But, there\'s no reason to continue with that mindset. Now, Airborne-Radar.Com provides the only source of thorough, interactive, online training on airborne weather radar. The effective use of airborne weather radar is essential to anyone flying radar-equipped aircraft. Numerous aircraft accidents have occurred due to flight crews\' inadequate knowledge of thunderstorms and the use of radar. Airborne-Radar.Com helps provide that basis of knowledge. The goal is to provide the best radar training available, to make the pilot confident and knowledgeable about thunderstorm hazards. Real, hands-on interactivity enable the user to move knobs, click buttons, and watch the results to provide the best radar training available. Full audio narration and quizzes make learning easy. Who is Airborne Radar Training For? Professional/career pilots seeking to expand their knowledge. Pilots who operate radar-equipped aircraft for their own business. Aviation students aspiring to a professional flying career. Airline dispatchers. Avionics and maintenance professionals. Anyone who flies radar-equipped aircraft Airborne Radar Training Features Online access, for "anywhere" use on PC or Mac. 26 training modules, comprising more than 3 hours of training. Over 260 instructional scenes, containing more than 50 that are interactive. Over 130 quiz questions. 50-random-question Final Exam, database-tracked, with printable results. Printable PDF safety documents from the FAA and NTSB. Colorful graphics, depicting simulated radar displays. Easy point-and-click navigation. Full audio narration. Immediate use after purchase. Airborne Radar Training Modules   Case Study Accident case study
  Thunderstorm Theory How to build a thunderstorm Degrees of thunderstorm severity Hail formation In-flight icing Gust fronts Tornado formation Downdrafts Microbursts
  Airborne Radar Theory Principles of radar Reflectivity of precipitation and objects Stabilization Gain control Doppler capabilities/turbulence detection Attenuation and false readings Radar tops and beam filling Echoes to avoid Windshear detection Knowing you radar equipment
  Airborne Radar Techniques Important notes about radar Preflight inspection and testing Before-takeoff scanning Climb scanning Cruise scanning Approach scanning
  Extras and Final Exam Final Exam Printable documents from the FAA and NTSB
    Airborne Radar Training Screen Shots …

Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy - VFR

It takes practice to sound like a seasoned pilot! Talking on the radio can be intimidating and stressful. Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy will assist you in learning to talk effectively and efficiently on the radio during your flights. Take this communication resource with you on your next flight, to be used as a memory aid, training tool, and confidence builder to develop your communication skills. Soon, your delivery will be smooth and professional and you will fully understand what ATC is telling/asking you. The templates allow you to construct a communication script for every flight — regardless of its complexity or the number of communications required. Fill in most of the template blanks during preflight, tear them out and take them with you to the cockpit. Sized to fit your kneeboard, they work as speaking notes to lighten your in-flight workload and eliminate the guesswork about when, for what, and to whom you should be speaking. Multiple copies of each template are included, along with instructions, communication tips and practical examples. Each of the 32 templates matches a different type of radio communication that may be needed in a VFR flight. Take along the templates necessary for the flight, and in effect you create a "communications trip kit" to use during the flight. This book is especially effective for student pilots, ground schools, limited English-speaking pilots, flight instructors, and pilots transitioning to new airspace. Spiral binding, 6" x 8-1/2" format, 4 copies of each template, 280 pages.…

Avidyne Entegra EXP5000 PFD - Interactive Courseware

Master the Entegra EXP5000 PFD with interactive scenario-based training!

This multimedia training course from Flight 1 Aviation Technologies has been developed in co-operation with Avidyne, and has been designed to familiarize and train pilots to efficiently operate the FlightMax Entegra EXP5000 Primary Flight Display.

At the conclusion of each lesson, student comprehension is measured by means of a multiple choice test. During the flight scenarios, the student demonstrates his or her grasp of the material by correctly selecting the appropriate PFD func-tion(s), and by correctly answering operational questions. In all cases, the stu-dent must achieve a minimum score of 80% before proceeding to the next section.

The flight scenarios represent the core of the course, and are presented in an interactive format in order to ensure the highest possible comprehension and retention.

The material in this course is presented as a series of building blocks, with each lesson adding to the knowledge gained in previous lessons. It is important that the student successfully completes each lesson before moving on to the next. For this reason, later lessons as well as tests and scenarios are initially locked, and can only be accessed when earlier supporting lessons, tests and scenarios are completed.

Once a lesson or scenario is unlocked, it will remain unlocked, allowing the student to return to them for review. At the conclusion of each test, the student may choose to retake the test in order to obtain a higher score. At the conclusion of each scenario, the student may choose to rerun the scenario in order to obtain a higher score, or simply to enhance his or her understanding of the operation of the EXP5000 PFD. Students are highly encouraged to run through each scenario several times to reinforce the lessons they contain.

On successful completion of the course, you will be issued a certificate of completion.…

Avidyne Entegra Trainer

The Complete Avidyne Course helps you transition from conventional "round dials" to the Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) glass cockpit environment. This 4-hour, narrated, computer-based tutorial provides an orientation to the Avidyne-Entegra PFD, MFD, audio panel, GNS430, autopilot, and transponder — from the safety and privacy of your home or office computer.

Written by Mike Gaffney, Factory-Authorized Flight Instructor (Cessna, Diamond, Cirrus and Quest Kodiak), Avidyne Flight Test Pilot, and FAA 2007 National Flight Instructor of the Year, this program is an orientation to the screens, knobs, and buttons that helps you understand how to properly operate the system, interpret malfunctions and achieve an effective scan.

Using scenario-based training throughout, each lesson concludes with a summary and a quiz to ensure you understand the material. A student record tracks your progress and when you complete the tutorial you will receive a frameable "Certificate of Completion" as proof of your accomplishment.…

Avionics Fundamentals by Jeppesen

Avionics Fundamentals was developed by the maintenance training staff of United Airlines for use as a training course for airline maintenance personnel. As such, it presents basic material which is prerequisite to category II qualification courses. Many of the explanations of elementary avionics principles found in this text are not easily discovered elsewhere. This book may be useful to anyone interested in learning the fundamentals without the design details of various devices including autopilots, flight directors, air data computers, radio altimeters, GPS, VORs, localizers, glideslopes, compasses, gyros, and indicators such as HSIs, RMIs, and FD-109s. Softcover, 432 pages. Old Jeppesen Number: JS312661
New Jeppesen Number: 10001381
ISBN: 9780884874324…

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