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Garmin GPSMAP 396 Interactive Guide

Garmin GPSMAP 396 Interactive Guide

Master your Garmin GPSMAP 396 easily, quickly and safely!

Recommended by Garmin, the VFLITE (now Jeppesen) program for the GPSMAP 396 allows you learn at your own pace, while practicing procedures with the comfort and safety of using a computer, rather than flying heads-down.

The program incorporates the award-winning VFLITE learning system that easily and quickly gets users familiar with GPSMAP 396 operations by using a visual, hands-on approach. Now with higher fidelity simulation and automatic help prompts, the VFLITE™ GPSMAP 396 Interactive Guide lets pilots quickly get the most from their hardware investment.



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Avionics Unit Type


Key Features include:

  • Scenario-Based, Guided Simulation
  • Hands-On Interactive Learning
  • Over 35 Topics Taught
  • Realistic GPSMAP 396 Emulator
  • Detailed, Narrated Demonstration Movies
  • On-Screen Learner Feedback
  • Includes Pilot's Guides

The VFLITE program for the 396 uses a multi-step method to teach procedures. Here 's how it works:

  • The Demo mode plays an animated, narrated "movie " to illustrate the selected topic, using a scenario. Controls are provided to pause, play, rewind or jump to any step of the movie.


  • The Training mode prompts you through the same scenario and task, shown in the Demo mode, supported with on-screen text prompts to guide you through the correct actions. A feedback system alerts you of any incorrect actions and a help-system is available.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 98 or newer
Macintosh System 8.1
266 MHz processor
128MB of RAM
800 x 600 screen resolution
CD-ROM Drive
Sound card